Headshot of George Fernandez

George Fernandez

President & CEO

A respected and influential visionary who possesses both authentic experience and passion for solving complex social issues. A vibrant leader who effectively channels ideas, energy, and skill to equip organizations to drive social and economic transformation by celebrating cultural identities. Learn more about George >

Headshot of Michelle Callanta

Michelle Callanta

Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer

Slayer of complex challenges. Wielder of savvy strategies that integrate engaging messaging and the right media channels. A stickler for staying focused on client objectives. Committed to consistently delivering results that are on time and on budget.

Headshot of Headshot of Ashleigh Aviles

Ashleigh Aviles

Senior Account Executive

Revels in the pressure to keep things moving, on time and engaging. Meticulously attuned to our clients' needs, keeping all aspects of their projects seamless with her no-nonsense and can-do attitude. A go-to for maximizing productivity, minimizing wheel spinning and delivering results with unmatched efficiency.

Headshot of Tracy Rouscher

Tracy Rouscher

Accounting Manager

Rocking the numbers game for more than 20 years. Successfully conquers spreadsheets and tames financial beasts. Has a DIY penchant for transforming the ordinary into treasure and gardens into paradises.

Headshot of Joe Knezic

Joe Knezic

VP Branding & Creative Services

A seasoned and savvy brand strategist with a penchant for clients who are focused on social missions. Relentless seeker of innovative visual and verbal content that advances a client’s brand. Well-versed in translating research findings into compelling messaging.

Tracy Pawelski

Senior Communications Counsel

A powerhouse of private and public sector know-how. Formerly VP of external communications for a grocery retail leader and communications director for Pennsylvania’s largest state agency. Nationally recognized for public relations, reputation management, corporate responsibility and community engagement strategies.

Headshot of Marielys Pagan-Stacks

Marielys Pagan-Stacks

Project Manager

Armed with a keen eye for detail and a knack for crafting foolproof plans. Navigates challenges with ease, approaching them as opportunities for innovation and growth. All about uncovering the root of a problem with a smile on her face.

Headshot of Carlos Centeno

Carlos Centeno

Associate Creative Director

An adventurous designer, strategist and user experience evangelist. Fluent in Spanish and Geek. Revels in developing innovative solutions within challenging design and business constraints. Uses his creative passion and technical proficiency to help clients take fresh approaches in tackling traditional and digital media terrains.

Headshot of Ann Gallina

Ann Gallina

Account Manager

A breadth of business experience and focused on client service. Keeper of all the details that take a client project from good to wow. Works with agency leadership and the account service team to plan and polish until Ray Bans are required.

Headshot of Abigail Sohonage

Abigail Sohonage

Marketing Coordinator

Strategic thinking courses through her veins. A skilled visual storyteller and social media connoisseur. Fueled by a passion for mission-driven content, she expertly wields her craft to transform ideas into organized and engaging forms. A firm believer that every like, comment and share serves as a living testament to the captivating power of behavioral neuroscience.

Headshot of Brandie Trostle

Brandie Trostle

Media Coordinator

Spunky and sparkling hitter of the media launch buttons. Assists with media planning, management and buying for all agency clients across traditional and digital platforms. Tracks and reports on results and outcomes.

Headshot of Andres-Daniel Azel

Andres-Daniel Azel

Media Buyer

Ensures media strategies are not only current but ahead of the curve. Looks at client budgets like a kid in a candy store, dreaming up all sorts of creative and effective ways to reach their audiences. Has a talent for stretching resources without compromising quality. Highly proficient in “I’m here to help if you need me.”

Headshot of Beth Shanabrough

Beth Shanabrough

Associate Media Coordinator

Bosses day-to-day operations at our shop and is the first smiling face people see. Manages post-buy and accountability for all media buys to document that our clients are getting maximum value for their media dollars.