PPO&S is an advertising agency located in the heart of Harrisburg, PA, with expertise in developing integrated marketing communications. We are adept at creating powerful strategies and messaging for a full spectrum of channels so all components work as one to create momentum — and results.

That doesn’t mean every effort must use all of our skills. Many clients come to us for specific areas of expertise. For some, we serve as their ad agency. Others, as media buyers, public relations firm, research and planning strategists, creative partners or crisis communications counselors.

To power brands into top of mind, first we listen.

There’s no technological advancement that outweighs the value of listening. Before any strategies are developed, we first need to understand your points of pain so we can be an effective and collaborative partner.

We know from experience that strategic, effective communications isn’t about formulaic thinking and gimmickry; it’s about people. So we think in terms of conversations that will engage key audiences and begin building relationships with your brand.