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We’re PPO&S, a Harrisburg, PA-based advertising agency with expertise in developing integrated marketing communications. We can help you find your distinctive voice, fortify your brand or help resolve whatever issues you’re facing.

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The Lost History of Cinco de Mayo Thanks To Advertising

Looking forward to an iced or frozen Cinco de Mayo margarita (or three)? Thanks to a 30-year advertising effort, you’re not alone. And you’re probably not celebrating what you think you’re celebrating.

What draws clients to partner with us?

Time and time again, they call out our penchant for effective collaboration and the direct access they have to our team of experts. They appreciate being an integral part of the process and witnessing first-hand the innovations that evolve from it.

Passionate about using our powers for good

Our smartly branded fundraising campaign in support of the YWCA’s In A Pinch Fund continues to gain traction, raising awareness and thousands of dollars to provide women in need with small boosts to help them move their lives forward.

Mining precious metal on behalf of our clients

Garnering stellar results is our unyielding priority, but the past year has also been chock full of platinum, gold and silver awards of the national and international variety. Read about the latest recognitions our client work has garnered.