Despite a stellar reputation within the region, the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra (HSO) faces declines in event interest and attendance. The reason? While HSO has a dedicated base of support, its loyalists are aging. It was also perceived that the multitude of other musical venues was keeping younger audiences from discovering the symphony.

Two billboards: One with image of orchestra conductor hands shooting lightning out of baton and the other with a trumpet head forming an exploding volcano.
Graphic for website homepage

However, the research found that classical music itself was not the main obstacle. Respondents to the survey who appreciated cultural offerings simply wanted an engaging and enjoyable musical experience.

We saw this as an opportunity to reach out to new audiences by portraying the experience potential attendees could expect. We built a campaign around the theme of “Feel the Intensity” to illustrate what one encounters during a live performance featuring nearly one hundred professional musicians. A rich blend of mediums was deployed: out-of-home billboards and bus shelter posters, email communications as well as paid and organic social media.

eBlasts introducing the “Feel the Intensity” message and promoting upcoming concerts.

The campaign theme also resonates with loyal attendees, serving to confirm what they already know from their relationship with the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra.

Display ads with photos of the conductor and event details.
Digital display ads promoting various concerts throughout the season.