The Commute By Rail logo (left) was designed as a companion to the PA Trips By Train logo.

Design in its pure sense is problem-solving. The challenge PPO&S was tasked with by Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) was to take an existing PennDOT/Amtrak® leisure travel presence and create a companion identity that encouraged people to commute to work by train.

Our solution? First, we developed a companion commuter logo for the existing leisure one and developed a website that touted the benefits of taking the train to work.


Next, we developed an overarching brand messaging device that would allow us to promote either leisure travel or commuting by train. We created the foundational message of “Get there” which featured the flexibility to tout the various benefits of rail ridership with the addition of a simple descriptor.

Images were created to promote the benefits of commuting by train on social media.

Proof of the validity of this flexible strategy was delivered as we applied the “Get there” approach to a wide variety of mediums — pre-roll video, radio, digital ads and social media.

“Get There For Less Moola” 10-second video

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