How early should parents begin talking with their kids about alcohol? Sooner than most parents think. Research shows that by age 8, one-in-three kids has tried alcohol. And that number becomes two-in-three by age 12.

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PPO&S was selected by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Bureau of Alcohol Education to develop a research-based campaign, targeted at Pennsylvania parents. The objective was to provide them the information they need to fend off the dangers of underage drinking by talking early and often with their 8- to 12-year-old kids.

We conducted a statewide survey of parents and tested concepts with focus groups in locations throughout the state. The goal of the branded campaign that resulted from the research was to drive parents to the Know When. Know — a robust, information-rich website where parents can find information on underage drinking and tips for engaging their kids about the topic.

“Know When. Know How.” Campaign Overview
Downloadable messages for social media use.
One of several TV commercials created for the campaign.

Check out the other TV commercials we created for the Know When. Know How.℠ campaign on Vimeo.