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How to Be a Good Pro Bono Client

Promoting causes and organizations we care about, whose marketing needs are a good match for our talents, has given us some of our most rewarding agency experiences. Here are some ways that a pro bono client can make their project a win-win for everyone involved.

Is Television Dead? Well…

The other day, in the middle of a casual conversation, I was asked a question about television as it relates to media buying. “Is television dead?” My instant answer was an emphatic NO… but upon reflection… well, yes, kind of… the way it used to be, anyway.

Collaboration & Innovation

What do our clients like most about us?

Time and time again, they call out our penchant for effective collaboration and the direct access they have to our team of experts. They appreciate being an integral part of the process and witnessing first-hand the innovations that evolve from it.

Safety Pin

Garnering client results is our unyielding priority, but we’re also passionate about using our powers for good. To cap off our 35th year in business, we developed and deployed a street-smart fundraising promotion that raised thousands of dollars and community awareness in support of the YWCA Greater Harrisburg’s In A Pinch Fund.

Harrisburg, PA Chamber Small Business of the Year Award

Our innovative approach, community involvement and strategic business savvy have not gone unnoticed by the Harrisburg Regional Chamber. They recognized PPO&S with a 2015 Catalyst Award for Small Business of the Year. Quite an honor; we’re blushing.